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Volta Region

Lake Volta Estuary
A very beautiful place with river and ocean beaches, lined with palm trees. The sand bars are the breeding grounds for sea birds and endangered species of turtle are still found here.

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Tafi Monkey Village
Sacred monkey sanctuaries around Tafi Atome, 5 km away from the Avatime Hills.



  • Wli falls – 20 km from Hohoe, in the Wli Nature Reserve
  • Tagbo Falls – Liate Wote
  • Tsatsadu Falls – 10 km From Hohoe
  • Aflambo Falls – Leklebi
  • Amedzofe – Abadzeme Falls


Kalakpe Game Reserve
At Abutia Kloe, 1 km from Ho, the reserve has numerous species of migratory and indigenous birdlife, buck, buffalo and monkeys.

Kyabobo National Park
At the foothills of Mount Djebobo, on the border with Togo.

Grottos and Caves
Lots of grottos and caves are found in the limestone hills. Main one:

  • The ancestral caves of Tikpe – 14 km from Hohoe
  • The Grottos of Kpando – Agbedoe and Aziavi
  • The caves of Nyagbo and Sogba
  • Caves and ironmine workings – Alepafu


Historical Sites

  • Fort Prinzenstein, Keta
  • Cape St. Paul Lighthouse, Woe
  • German Historical sites at Kpandu, Ho, Amedzofe, Kpedze.


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