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About Ghana

“Ghana is the most interesting place to visit in West Africa. The country has got many things going for it: the friendly people, the profuse vegetation, the colourful festivals, the vibrant music, the lively markets, the immaculate beaches and a distinctive way of life that is truly Ghanaian.”

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If you are a interested in spending carefree weeks in our country, you will miss none of the essential ingredients: a buoyant tropical setting, abundant sunshine throughout the year, sandy palm-fringed and unpopulated beaches, fine hotels, good food and probably the friendliest people on earth.

If you love adventure, you will have many choices: come cross the bar with our intrepid fisherman at sea or make a canoe trip that you will never forget. You can even pretend to be Robinson and wait on a lonely sandbank. Meantime, you could take occasional dips into the tepid ocean, savour fresh coconut and do some fishing: herring, barracuda, tuna, blue marlin. We’ve got them all.

If it must be a tour into nature, welcome to any of our numerous National Parks and Nature Reserves: Ankasa, Kakum, Mole, Boabeng-Fiema, Shai. Whichever one you visit, you will come back with a whole new outlook of life.

And if you are for heritage and society, Ghana will give you a perfect, rare blend: a moving historical past and a vivid culture. Ghana has the world’s highest concentration of slave castles and forts. Every bigger town on her littoral has a well-preserved stone witness to bring the painful past back to memory.

When all of this proves too much to stomach, forget about it, put on your dance shoes and come dance with us. We have the capacity to transform both happy and unhappy events into happy occasions. We love drumming and dancing. And this is why we have more than thousand festivals.

Let us take your hand and explore Ghana with Golden Ghana Tours. You are welcome, Akwaaba!