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Domestic Flights

On the domestic market three airlines are active; Antrak Air, CityLink and Starbow. We are happy to book your required domestic flight(s).

Starbow launched it's operation by the end of 2011.
Soon we will offer also Starbow tickets. 

Antrak Air
Antrak Air operates the domestic flights with modern ATR aircrafts. Antrak Air offers you daily connections from Accra Kotoka Airport with Kumasi and Tamale.

$ 136$ 84$ 14Accra – Kumasi
$ 136$ 84$ 14Kumasi – Accra
$ 195$ 143$ 23Accra – Tamale
$ 195$ 143$ 23Tamale - Accra


CityLink operates a fleet of modern aircrafts and offers you daily connections from Accra Kotoka Airport to Kumasi, Takoradi and Sunyani. Also we offer you have the possibility to charter a aircraft to all airports in Ghana and destinations in West-Africa.

$ 120$ 90Accra – Kumasi
$ 120$ 90Kumasi – Accra
$ 175$ 130Accra – Sunyani
$ 175$ 130Sunyani - Accra

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