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Ghana FAQ

During your tours in Ghana you always will stay in hotels with 2 to 4 stars. With ‘Community Based Tourism’ your accommodation will be more simple. Please keep that in mind.

Arrival and Visa Formalities
The Ghana Embassies abroad issue visas for 30 days and also multiple re- entry visas. If visits to neighbouring countries are planned, it is better to get the re- entry visas before departing to Ghana. All immigration/ visa forms require 4 passport photographs.

It is easy to make your booking. Just contact your reliable travel partner, direct by telephone, fax, email or our website www.goldenghanatours.net. 

Car Rental

Car rental is including driver. We advise not to drive cars on your own. It is possible to book your car in advance.


Ghana know a tropical to sub-tropical climate, with temperatures between 26 and 32 degrees Celsius. The raining season is starting from May till November; ones in a while it is raining short, but heavy. Travelling in Ghana is good the whole year.


You need light summer clothes (cotton) and any possible a light sweater for the cool evenings. It is advisable to bring some need clothes for dinner and night live. Due to the high temperatures, it is advisable to wear good quality cotton clothes, which you can also purchase in Ghana. It can be very uncomfortable in either restrictive or artificial- fibre clothes. Also due to the range of temperature, especially during the dry season and in the North, it is advisable to carry a few cotton knits or light jackets, as the evening can be rather cool at times.

Currency Regulations
There is no restriction on foreign money that may be taken into Ghana. Foreign currency brought into Ghana may be exchanged into Cedis (the national currency), at any local authorised bank or Forex bureau. Currency can be exchanged in Accra and the larger regional centers. Foreign currency can be imported through the banking system by telegraphic and mail transfer, cheques, drafts etc.
‘Travelers cheques’ have a lower rate of exchange. Rates are quoted daily and they vary from dealer to dealer. It is advisable to shop around to find the best rate in the Bureau. Credit cards are accepted in a few places such as hotels and some supermarkets.

Driving License
A foreign driving license may be used for a period of three months, after this period a Ghanaian license must be obtained which has to be renewed every two years. On request, an international driving license can be obtained which is valid for one year only.

In whole Ghana you find 240 voltage, 50 HZ. Plugs; round 3-pins or square 3-pins plugs. We advise to bring a transmitter.

Extension and Custom-made service
We invite you to extent your stay in Ghana. We are happy to advise you!

Extra expenses
In general a dinner in Ghana costs between $5,- and $10,-.

A large variety of food, local and imported, is available. It is advisable to eat well- cooked food and to take advantage of the large variety of fresh tropical fruits that you will find in Ghana, the whole year around.

English is the main language during your excursions in Ghana. Contact our Office for reservations.

The Ghanaian currency is the Cedi (GHS)), divided in 100 Pesowas. For 1 US Dollar you receive about 1.8 Cedi and for 1 Euro about 2.2 Cedi (August 2012). Besides you can use the Forex-offices located at many places. ATM cash withdrawals with a standard bank card is not possible. On limited locations it is possible to use the ATM cash withdrawal service only with your credit card or Master- Visa card. The bigger hotels and luxury shops accept credit card and Master- Visa card. The bigger banks accept travel checks but it takes a lot of time.

Mosquito protection
Long sleeves, long pants, light colored clothes plus anti- mosquito spray will help you with the battle against mosquito’s.

Ghana operates the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).

In Ghana the staff in the service business is appointed to ‘sub-income’. To give s tip is proper.

Vaccination and Health
The vaccination against yellow fever is a duty in Ghana. We advise strongly to protect against malaria. Please make a appointment with your doctor on time.


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