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Greater Accra Region

The National Museum
Located on Barnes road, houses a collection of the country’s historical treasures.

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The National Theatre
A fine architecture as a national centre for the performing arts.

The Du Bois Memorial Centre for Pan- African Culture
The centre houses a research library and gallery of manuscripts, as well as the grave of Mr. Du Bois and his wife.

The George Padmore Research Library of African Affairs
A research and educational centre for African- American studies.

The Kwame Nkrumah Mausoleum
The last resting place of the first President of Ghana. A great Pan- Africanist.

Osu Castle
Built in 1659, and formally known as the Christians- borg Castle. It has been the seat of government since the early 1920’s. It is the official residence of the President of Ghana and not open to the public.

The Centre for National Culture
The centre has an arts & crafts bazar and a traditional textile market. It is the best place in Accra to find traditional handicrafts from all over Ghana.

The University of Ghana (LEGON)
The University of Ghana was founded in 1948. The whole campus set in beautiful gardens gives a student the right learning atmosphere. The Balme Library and the school of Performing Arts has a lot to offer to a visitor.

The markets of Accra
Among the most famous are the Makola market on the Kojo Thompson road and the Osu Night Market, where stalls are illuminated by hundreds of lanterns and candles.

The shai Resource Reserve
This is part of Ghana’s commitment to the preservation of its natural heritage and wildlife.

Resort area and a favourite base for water sports and game fishing.

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