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KO-SA is an environmentally aware and restful resort built in natural surroundings, managed by two Dutch couples, located near the historical cities of Cape Coast and Elmina, Kakum National Park and on the beach next to the small fishing village of Ampenyi. Discover the unique ambience of traditional lodging in clay-houses combined with modern comfort. Explore the historic coastline of Ghana, take a walk on the beach to Elmina or simply dream away in our most amazing exotic garden. You can choose from traditional drum lessons or a beach holiday in paradise..

You can do all kind of activities through the Central Region, traditional drumming or beach holiday in paradise.

To learn drumming in Ghana is a joyful experience. Friendliness and patience is significant for Ghanaians. The experienced Ghanaian instructor teach according to your level and speed of learning. After a refreshing swim in the Atlantic and breakfast you start with the drum training. We teach with traditional Ghanaian drums like the Kpanlogo or the Fontom from (The Talking Drum) rhythms from all over the country. You can also book single lessons in drumming. On Tuesday it is the tradition in Ampenyi not to play the drums until 12 noon, which we respect.

Become enchanted by divine tranquility, experience seclusion far away from rush-hour noise, and hustle and bustle. A nearly deserted dream beach invites to relaxation; read a book from the library or take a swim in the ocean. Or perhaps you feel more active, long walks await you alongside endless, peaceful sandy beaches in the shade of palm trees. A cool drink and tasty snacks doubtless be agreeable and enhance your sense of relaxation.

All accommodation is situated within a fantastic flower-garden with tropical birds and palm trees, only meters from the beach. Many of our rooms, are traditional cottages with clay walls and thatched roofs, keeping them cool all day. The accommodations are designed in a way giving them the unique ambience of traditional lodging combined with modern comfort.


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