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Do you simply want to immerse yourself in the wonder of nature? There is no better place to do it than Liati Wote. With over 300 species of butterflies, laiti Wote’s forest is home to one of the largest butterflies count in Ghana. The friendly local people are always ready to welcome you and see to it that your visit was worth the trip. At approximately 885 meters above sea level, (2905 feet) Mount. Afadjato on a clear day offers views of the neighbouring villages, the Tagbo Waterfall and the Volta Lake. The Tagbo Waterfalls is an easy hike through coffee and cocoa fields and untouched forest. There are plenty of opportunities for exploring and observing plant live and butterflies. The waterfall itself is private and flows from an almost circular cliff formation with lush vegetation climbing the sides. Nestled in the heart of the Volta Region at the foot of the range of mountains that make up the Ghana/ Togo border, Liati Wote is a hidden paradise.

The park was established in 1932 and officially opened to the public in 1994. The Kakum Canopy Walkway, Africa’s first rainforest walkway, is composed of 350m of suspended bridge and six tree platforms that reach the height of 30m above the forest floor. From the treetops, visitors experience a unique and spectacular view of the rainforest ecosystem and have the opportunity to see flora and fauna, which could never be viewed from the ground. Hundreds of species of butterflies and birds can be seen from the walkway early in the morning and if visitors are lucky, they may catch a glimpse of the spot-nose, Campbell and Columbus monkeys.
Visitors with a special interest in birds now have a new trail that is specially developed to incorporate three ecosystems: the rainforest, the secondary forest and a pond environment. Visitors can use this trail to search for more than 400 bird species found on the Kakum bird checklist. The departure times for bird watching can be specified when making a booking for the trails and guides.

One hundred and seventy kilometers west of Tamale in the west Gonja District, is the Mole National Park. The scenic ride to Mole from Tamale, through rough, is ideal for the adventurous visitor. It is the largest of Ghana’s National parks and is situated in the heart of the Guinea savannah woodland ecosystem. It is home to 93 mammalian species, 33 reptiles, 9 amphibians and an estimated 300 birds species. The mammals include some 600 elephants, 2,000 roan antelopes, 3,000 hartebeests, 4,000 waterbucks, 5,000 buffaloes and some 6,000 water hogs. Uncounted lions, leopards, hyenas and various primates can also be seen in Mole.

It is located 31 km southeast of Kumasi. A picturesque 17 sq mile deep meteorite crater lake surrounded by dozens of virgin fishing and farming villages. The lake Basin is ideal for mountaineering, diving, swimming and relaxation. It is accessible by road from Kumasi and also holds many local parties & musical concerts.

Nestled in the heart of the region (43 km south of Hohoe and less than 200 km north of Accra) lies the beautiful village of Tafi Atome. Tafi Atome is surrounded by an indigenous tropical forest with very high floral concentration. In this forest, one could find the endangered, playful and rather sacred true Mona Monkeys. Believing the monkeys to be messengers to the gods and their protectors, the chiefs and people of Tafi have been protecting them for the last 200 years.

The villages in the Central Region are famed for their traditional craft s that are still produced by the traditional methods that have been hand down by generations. They all make great souvenirs of your visit to the Central Region. Particularly important villages are:
* Winneba – famous for its beautiful & unusual ceramics.
* Gomoa – Otsew – Jukwa a village of pottery makers.

The town of Larabanga, with its famous Mosque, is believed to be the oldest Islamic building in Ghana dating back to about 1693. The Mosque, is built of clay in Sudanese style architecture has supporting wooden beams, jutting out of the walls. It is believed to contain an ancient copy of the Koran, brought by an Arabian cleric, who accompanied the people on their migration to Larabanga. The Mosque is revered as an Islamic holy site.

25 km west of Accra are the Kokrobite and Bortianor beaches. The area is known for its flat shoreline and calm waters and is suitable for long swims & day picnics. It is also home to the Academy of African Music & Arts. There are small cozy hostels suitable for rucksack travelers.


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