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Beach Hotels

Vilca Bamba Hotel
Hotel Vilcabamba Denu (Volta region)
Vilcabamba Hotel is a recreational place for all who want the relaxation of tropical undiscovered beaches. At only 3 minutes walk from the Hotel. The hotel has very good food and serves excellent picnics on the beach !
(Beach )
The hotel is located in Denu, very near to Aflao and on a distance of 65 km from Keta Village, in the Volta Region of Ghana.
Keta is part of the Volta estuary region, comprising several small islands and a complex of lagoons. The area is abundant with bird, fish and butterfly species and also the endangered waterbuck. The Keta Lagoon Complex is the largest wetlands site in Ghana. From the eastern shores of the Volta River to the international border with the Republic of Togo.
There are numerous tourist attractions within the area, including: The remains of Fort-Prinzenstein, the Keta Sea Defence wall, the coconut beaches and bird watching rites at Anyawi, the boisterous fishing activities of the sea and lagoon fishermen of the area, the shrines of the people of Anlo and the Hogbetsotso festivals of the people of Anlo (November).
To learn drumming in Ghana is a joyful experience. You can discover the truth behind African Culture. At Hotel Vilcabamba they use professional Ghanaian instructors. You can also book dance and singing lessons.
Restaurant Outside Bar Terrace Conference facilities
Cultural performances Group buffets
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Standard Room
Single $65,-
Double $65,-
The rooms are need and have a Ghanaian decoration, including your own shower and toilet. All rooms are supplied with a TV. Fridge on request.
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